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"My aim as a teacher is to encourage building a child's confidence, coordination, concentration and imagination while having fun!"                   Miss Helen 




I teach dance sessions at  Pre-schools / nursery's on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Available for a minimum of 1 hour which can be one group setting or split into 2 groups for 30minutes which is great if your setting has two rooms. 

These dance sessions include singing, miming & moving with props such as ribbons, scarfs, beanbags, shakers to popular children's songs and nursery rhymes.  

The sessions are based in a circle and children stand on their own dance spots which I provide. The children also learn to dance with partners and dance in free space and work as a group following a leader.  Your staff are encouraged to participate and to encourage the children to join in. 

Sessions include various themes of which I change monthly!

From "Seasons" with songs about the weather, to Adventures, Nature, Farm animals, zoo animals, countries, holidays, under the sea, The beach, Nursery rhymes to seasonal themes like Christmas and Easter. 

The repetition of the classes over each month improves building vital vocabulary from learning words like "big " "small" "High"  "low" "slow" "fast" "up" "down" "in" & "out" "stop" "wait" 

The aim of these sessions is for children to have fun, build confidence, co-ordination & imagination along side learning & improving co-ordinated dance skills.

It is great seeing the children constantly improving their Loco-motor and Non-loco-motor skills as well as  improve their listening, concentration, focus & following  instructions which is fantastic preparation for them before they start school. 

I have worked with the following Pre-schools: Butterflies Heysham, Infinity Caton, Infinity Slyne, Little Stars Morecambe & Garstang Pre-school, Morecambe Bay Preschool & Sparrows Preschool. 


For a free trial lesson at your pre-school

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